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SF Chronicle Datebook Review!

Roundup of children’s books...

Review of BOATS ON THE BAY by Susan Faust - member of the Association for Library Service to Children, most recently serving on the 2018 Laura Ingalls Wilder Award selection committee. She was a librarian at Katherine Delmar Burke School in San Francisco for 33 years.

"A sailboat, tugboat and fireboat. A kayak, dredger and water taxi. A tall ship and container ship. From dawn’s early light through darkening twilight, each appears in this ode to activity on San Francisco Bay. The culmination: a barge-generated firework display on a flashy foldout. Other double-page spreads teem with detail. Often outlined in black for a Bernard Buffet effect are piers, Victorians, bridges, a lighthouse, sea lions and the occasional whale. A Sausalito author, clearly smitten by her own spectacular views, turns to jaunty internal rhymes. “A houseboat rocks by a dock” and “a fishing boat slogs through the fog.” This mini intro to our safe harbor is perfect run-up or follow-up for a leisurely stroll along the Embarcadero, bracing bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge, or ferry tour around Alcatraz. Take-home message: Take notice".

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