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BOATS included on FuseEight's 2018 "Best of Fictionalized Nonfiction" list

FuseEight's "Best of Fictionalized Nonfiction" list for 2018 includes BOATS ON THE BAY and two other Cameron + Company book! I'm very honored that BOATS is on the list created by Betsy Bird, uber-librarian in School Librarian Journal :

"The younger you get in terms of reading levels, the more difficult it can be to ascertain whether or not a book is actually meant for the picture book or in the nonfiction section of your library. Take Boats on the Bay. The mere fact that it’s so beautiful might cause one to feel that it’s a picture book, but that’s your fiction-lovin prejudice at work, my friend. I was surprised by how factual this little book turned out to be, in terms of all things nautical. PW called it a “catalog of vessels”. Darn tooting."

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