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A Life of Service

The Story of Senator

Tammy Duckworth



Candlewick Press

(pub. 9.27.2022) 48 pages

Author: Christina Soontornvat

Illustrator: Dow Phumiruk

Characters: Tammy Duckworth


" Senator Tammy Duckworth has logged a long list of 'firsts' during her tenure as the first Thai American woman elected to Congress, including being the first woman with a disability to serve in the House and Senate. But while she dreamed of serving her country from a young age, Tammy’s path was not without its challenges.

In this dramatic account, award-winning creators Christina Soontornvat and Dow Phumiruk chronicle Tammy’s journey. From her childhood fight to keep her family from homelessness, to her service in the US Army, to her recovery from grievous injuries sustained in the line of duty, Tammy never lost her determination to keep going against staggering odds."

Tantalizing taste:

" The doctors fit Tammy with prosthetic legs. Her right leg was gone all the way to the hip, and controlling her new prosthetic was like balancing on the end of a broomstick.

Each day was a battle against gravity.

Inch by inch, falling, getting up, and falling again.

And again.

Get back up.

Keep fighting."

And something more: The last page of the book includes this quote by Tammy Duckworth:

"That day, I lost both of my legs, but I was given a second chance at life. It's a feeling that has helped to drive me in my second chance at service – no one should be left behind, and every American deserves another chance."


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