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Cher Ami

Based on the World War I

Legend of the Fearless Pigeon



Christy Ottaviano Books

(Little, Brown and Company)

(pub.5.31.22) 40 pages

Author: Mélisande Potter

Illustrator: Giselle Potter

Character: Cher Ami, a pigeon


" In October 1918, during World War I, nearly seven hundred American soldiers were trapped behind enemy lines with no prospect of rescue. Allied troops did not have access to their location, and every attempt at communication provoked more casualties. Their only hope—to dispatch a trained messenger pigeon to reach help miles away.

This unforgettable story celebrates courage and determination in its most vulnerable form. Cher Ami was shot down during her mission yet managed to save many lives, proving her fearless flight was a remarkable one."

Tantalizing taste:

" Off she flew in the middle of bursting bombs and blinding flashes of light. Cher Ami struggled to fly above the range of fire, determined to succeed. Her eyes hurt from the clouds of smoke, and it was difficult to breath. With great courage, she raced at top speed until she reached her home loft.

The soldiers greeted her with cheers - and her dinner too. A day-old baguette had never tasted so good!"

And something more: Mélisande Potter, in A Note from the Author explains that "This telling of Cher Ami's story is a blend of truth and legend. Some facts remain unclear, but what is certain is that Cher Ami was a courageous pigeon [ who received many awards, including] in 2019 the Animals in War & Peace Medal of Bravery."

The author and illustrator are a mother-daughter pair, and illustrator Giselle Potter dedicated the book: "For Mom".


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