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Cover Reveal by Mr. John Schu of ABLAZE WITH COLOR - A Story of Painter Alma Thomas

"In this stunning celebration of art and the power of imagination, Jeanne Walker Harvey and Loveis Wise tell the incredible true story of Alma Thomas" - Harper Collins

Thank you to Mr. John Schu for hosting our cover reveal of ABLAZE WITH COLOR - A Story of Alma Thomas WATCH. CONNECT. READ ! It's such an honor to be included on his amazing blog!

Excerpts from the interview:

Loveis Wise: "This cover features a young Alma Thomas painting and creating some of her famous shapes, dashes, and dots all around her. I really wanted the reader to feel like they could even step into the whimsical world that Alma was creating and feel its vibrancy."

Jeanne: "I hope our book inspires children to seek joy on their own creative paths and overcome their own challenges.

I’d guide teachers to the back matter of the book which includes more information and resources about Alma Thomas, including a timeline of her life in parallel with certain U.S. events.

Also, I would like teachers to share with their students that a book is a collaborative effort. Many people, in addition to an author and illustrator, contribute to the creation of a book. In my case, I have an amazing agent, Deborah Warren of East West Literary Agency, who found a home for my manuscript with an incredible editor, Megan Ilnitzki at Harper Collins Children’s Books. I’m grateful for the team at Harper Collins who worked on Ablaze with Color: Chelsea C. Donaldson - art director, Caitlin Stamper - designer, Shona McCarthy - copy editor, Aubrey Churchward - publicist.

Working with Megan Ilnitzki was a dream. She edits with finesse, grace and talent. I explain to students that receiving editing notes from an editor is like getting feedback from a teacher on a paper or story. And the more comments the better. I tell children that the teacher’s suggestions are like keys that can unlock treasure chests because the comments provide ways to make the writing even better."


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