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Day #1 of ABLAZE WITH COLOR Virtual Book Tour hosted by The Children's Book Review

"What to Expect: History, art, racism, equality, hope, perseverance

"Alma loves color and nature. Even though she lives in a world that denies her access to rights and education, she is lucky to be part of a family that celebrates creativity, books, learning, and teaching. With a loving family and great teachers to guide her, Alma becomes an amazing artist. When her family moves North to where they can enjoy more freedom, she devotes her energy to teaching and helping children, rather than becoming famous for her art. Alma’s story is an inspiring ode to giving back and helping others.

"In telling the true story of Black artist Alma Thomas, this stunning picture book places emphasis not on fame and success, but on serving and supporting others and on enjoying life and experience. Drawing on Alma’s own art for inspiration,

the book is awash with bright, vibrant illustrations, accompanied by vocabulary that invites a multisensory exploration of color.

"The book’s end matter includes notes from the author and illustrator, a timeline of Alma’s life, and a resources page, making this volume a great educational resource as well as an engaging story.

"Overall, Ablaze with Color is a beautiful and thought-provoking biography for young readers and artists to enjoy. Highly Recommended!"


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