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Day #2 of ABLAZE WITH COLOR Virtual Book Tour

"I’m in the business of reviewing books, which over the years has instilled in me a healthy appreciation for the difficult work it is to write a book.

"I am, however, convinced that Non-Fiction Picture Book Biographies are the biggest challenge of all.

"Authors and illustrators of picture book biographies must necessarily walk a fine line between relaying information and entertaining young readers. Moreover, the subject is normally an adult that the author and illustrator must present to children as someone they should learn from and perhaps even emulate in their own lives.

"It’s a weighty, nuanced task, which is why when I come across a book like Ablaze With Color (written for ages 4 to 8), I’m ready to bow down in awe of what the author and illustrator have accomplished.

"This is one of those rare books about an artist that makes you want to immediately search out their art and see everything they’ve created. Best of all, it’s very kid friendly – both the text and the illustrations.

"It’s also a perfect example of a picture book in which the author’s text and the illustrator’s art pair perfectly to tell a complete story.

"Harvey uses a rich, poetic voice as she narrates Alma’s life story, making it both easy and enjoyable for children to follow along. Likewise, Wise’s bright and vivid illustrations pay beautiful homage to Alma’s own work and are sure to enthrall both children and adults.

"Alma Thomas blazed a colorful trail in her lifetime and this book, Ablaze With Color, is a beautiful and uplifting account of her incredible contributions to art, racial equality, and education.

Highly Recommend! "


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