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Day #7 of Virtual Book Tour for ABLAZE WITH COLOR

"This is the wonderful story of how one child's experience of the world surrounding, turned into a lifetime of beauty beheld, and eventually shared with the world.

"The thing I love most about Picture Book biographical stories is that you really get to the heart of things. Yes, they are short on details, but they convey some of the most important moments, the most remarkable discoveries, and the most powerful seen here. Alma Thomas accomplished two things never before done by a Black woman, and made her mark in history without ever setting out to do that exact thing. She simply was. She soaked up the things she went through, sorted out the bad from the good, shone her own inner light on those captured images, and later in life blessed the world with her interpretations of those times. It's wonderful to see those simple moments brought to life...ablaze with color.

"An inspiring work filled with a story to remember, and images that come to life right off the page.

"This book is one I can easily see in the classroom setting as well as in family rooms setting the tone for the next generations moments of greatness."


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