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Day #8 of Virtual Book Tour for ABLAZE WITH COLOR

"The illustrations and the color in this book by Loveis Wise are phenomenal. The images really reflect the style and artistry of Alma Thomas.

"The colors, the style, the bold and vibrant strokes are really eye-catching, memorable and have a strong understanding of the use of color. You get a sense of Alma Thomas's style and art from the book. The art just makes the story come alive and seem full of joy and imagination. The story itself I feel is an important one from kids. It gives Alma's history and struggles and then her striving to not settle. She was determined to pave her own life and break barriers. She creates art that's bold, beautiful and bright. I also liked that Thomas encouraged art with others. This is an inspiring tale that will encourage kids to reach for their dreams and not be afraid to use their imaginations to create art.

"I felt like this book was really put together nicely between the art and the text. It's something that easily could be read at homes, schools, and the classrooms.

"And teachers and parents could have children create art with bold colors as a supplement activity. This book is just beautifully done. I highly recommend checking it out. It's something that you will want to share with your kids and others."


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