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Ketanji Brown Jackson - A Justice for All



Simon & Schuster

(pub.4.4.2023) 40 pages

Author: Tami Charles

Illustrator: Jemma Skidmore

Character: Ketanji Brown Jackson


" After 232 years and 115 appointments, Ketanji Onyika Brown Jackson became the first Black woman appointed to serve on the US Supreme Court. With Tami Charles’s sweeping lyricism and Jemma Skidmore’s unforgettable illustrations, readers learn about the narratives that have shaped the Justice’s life, and how this historic moment will be impressed upon the minds of the young dreamers of the future."

Tantalizing taste:

" The voice of a nation, the justices,

she is you, the changemakers,

she is me, the pioneers,

blazing a trail who'll remember this year

for the future: with great pride!

So as cameras flash,

of course

I rise,

I rejoice,

I smile!

(Wouldn't you?)

If you witnessed history


saw the American

dream come true?"

And something more: Tami Charles, in the Author's Note explains that "I wrote this book to shine a light on the pride children feel when they witness loved ones following their own dreams. In this case, I chose to spotlight a girl who represents the Leila Jackson within us all. May this book remind us to honor the greatness of those who've come before us and to see our potential to soar to new heights because of them."


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