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Revolutionary Prudence Wright

Leading the Minute Women in the Fight for Independence



Calkins Creek

(pub. 2.1.2022) 48 pages

Author: Beth Anderson

Illustrator: Susan Reagan

Character: Prudence Wright


"Prudence Wright had a spark of independence.

Annoyed when the British king held back freedoms in colonial Massachusetts, feisty and fearless Prudence had enough. She said no! to British goods, determined to rely on her resourcefulness and ingenuity to get by. And when British troops continued to threaten the lives of her family and community, she assembled and led the 'minute women' of Pepperell to break free of tradition.

This untold story of a courageous and brave woman from the Revolutionary War continues to inspire today."

Tantalizing taste:

" Prudence and the women sewed scraps of cloth into quilts. When talk turned to the possibility of war, her stitches lurched out of line. Ripping them back, straightening them out, she studied the quilt - small pieces, repeating patterns. She scanned the circle of women. Small actions, too, might form a pattern - a pattern of rebellion."

And something more: Beth Anderson, in the Author's Research Note, explains that "As with many historical events, the research leaves us with unanswered questions. Some might also wonder if Prudence's choice that night changed history. After reading all the research and corresponding with a few of today's women of Pepperell, the answer is yes. Even though we're not able to evaluate the military significance of her actions, there's no doubt that she emboldened the women of her time to break free of tradition and participate more fully in society. Not only that, her story continues to inspire us today."


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