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Song after Song

The Musical Life of Julie Andrews



little bee books

(pub.9.5.2023) 40 pages

4-8 years

Author: Julie Hedlund

Illustrator: Ilaria Urbinati

Character: Julie Andrews


" Long before she starred in movies like The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, and The Princess Diaries, Julie Andrews was a little girl struggling with her parents' divorce and the ravages of World War II.

To comfort her and fill her time during the London Blitz, her stepfather taught her to sing, and Julie found her voice-one of the most extraordinary singing voices of all time."

Tantalizing taste:

"As people cooked on portable stoves, sipped tea,

and huddled together, Ted strummed his guitar and sang.

Sharing music with her sheltering neighbors comforted Julie

and kept her mind off the danger.

Soon Julie's school closed due to the war.

To keep her busy, Ted taught her to sing.

They were all astonished to discover

that from this sprite of a girl sprang a voice

as pure and clear as a cloudless summer sky."

And something more: Julie Hedlund, in the Author's Note explains that "when I learned ... that Julie had lost her singing voice after a throat surgery, I was devastated. At the time, I was beginning my own career and working on finding my way in the world, my own voice. I couldn't imagine the world deprived of Julie's.

Luckily, Julie began using her voice in a new way - writing children's books...

When I told Emma [Walton Hamilton] I wanted to use my voice to tell her mom's story to today's children, she gave me her blessing, as did Julie Andrews herself."


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