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Thank You, Dr. Salk

The Scientist who Beat Polio and Healed the World



Farrar Straus Giroux

6.22.2021 40 pages

Author: Dean Robbins

Illustrator: Mike Dutton

Character: Dr. Jonas Salk


"Jonas Salk wasn't seen as a brave hero―not at first. As a child he was quiet and unassuming, but Jonas dreamed of tikkun olam, the Jewish phrase for “healing the world.” He saw the polio virus strike his city, and he knew that with determination and hard work, he could be the one to stop its spread. So he grew up to study medicine, ultimately creating the polio vaccine that saved untold numbers of lives―and healed the world!" Tantalizing taste:

"Doctors and nurses came in with trays of vaccines.

Parents, teachers, and principals served as volunteers.

The children rolled up their sleeves for a polio shot.

The volunteers gave them a lollipop, a pin, and a special card.

Everyone was proud to help Dr. Salk prevent the disease."

And something more: Dean Robbins writes in the Author's Note: "The polio vaccine brought worldwide fame to the modest, soft-spoken doctor. People named streets, hospitals, and even babies about him. The United States government awarded him the Congressional Gold Medal and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. No matter how famous he became, Jonas still personally answered the many fan letter that read, 'Thank you, Dr. Salk!'"


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