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The Gravity Tree

The True Story of a A Tree

That Inspired the World



Harper (Harper Collins Publishers)

(pub.5.25.2021) 40 pages

Author: Anna Crowley Redding

Illustrator: Yas Imamura

Characters: Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein

and Stephen Hawking

Overview: "A tree may seem like a rather ordinary thing. But hundreds of years ago, a tree was about to embark on an extraordinary journey. And it all started with just a speck of a seed. . . .

It began in the 1600s with a seed that became the tree that grew the apple that fell right before Isaac Newton’s eyes. This seemingly simple event sparked one of the greatest scientific discoveries—Newton’s theory of gravity! A chain reaction of ideas and discoveries followed from the likes of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, who traveled to the place where these scientific journeys began—Isaac’s tree."

Tantalizing taste:

"The question-asking, truth-seeking, math-loving Isaac had grown up in the shadow of this tree. And now, the all-grown-up Isaac leaned against the trunk. His mind was full of questions. And the tree was full of apples.

Until - THWACK!

The THWACK sparked an explosion of questions in Isaac's mind!"

And something more: The back matter explains that: "You can visit the original Gravity Tree outside Isaac Newton's childhood home in England at Woolsthorpe Manor...In 2002, Isaac's Gravity Tree was declared a living part of English Heritage along with forty-nine other trees, in honor of the queen's Golden Jubilee. This declaration affords the tree special protection and extra care."


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