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Fireworks on San Francisco Bay

 Boats on the Bay 



Launched April 4, 2023! Order now!


A large-format picture book about a bunch of boats found on a busy bay, buoyed by simple, spare, and lyrical text. Inspired by the San Francisco Bay but with universal appeal, the book features a spectacular double-spread gatefold finale showing a boat parade and fireworks glowing against a city backdrop.

The author donates to CALL OF THE SEA, an educational nonprofit based in Sausalito, California, that gives Bay Area youth an opportunity to sail traditional tallships, investigate the local marine environment, connect to the Bay’s rich maritime history, and inspire them to be stewards of the sea and earth.

Vector Award Ribbon
  • The Northern California Independent Booksellers Association's (NCIBA) Golden Poppy Award in the Picture Book Category

  • A KidLitTV recommended book

Watch the Boats on the Bay Trailer!


text copyright (c) 2018 Jeanne Walker Harvey

illustrations copyright (c) 2018  Grady McFerrin.

Boats on the Bay

Boats on the Bay





Grady McFerrin

Cameron Kids

3–8 years



Boats on the Bay

Boats on the Bay - Fireworks

“A celebration of place and a catalogue of the kinds of vessels dear to the hearts of boat enthusiasts young and old”

— Publishers Weekly

“Simple, serene text coupled with stunning, sweeping illustrations”

— Avery & Augustine

“Harvey's short, simple sentences, many with internal rhymes . . . make this a good fit for emerging readers”

— Julie Danielson, Kirkus Reviews

“A well-designed book with a simple, approachable text”

— Kirkus Reviews

Boats criss crossing on the Bay


Boats on the Bay Paper Mobile Project

Boats on the Bay Mobile Craft Activity

Easy and fun!

Boats On The Bay Page 2
Boats on the Bay Page 3
Boats on the Bay Page 4

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