Mom's Choice Gold Award

Astro the Steller Sea Lion

illustrated by Shennen Bersani

(illustrator of Honey Girl The Hawaiian Monk Seal


Arbordale Publishing (Sylvan Dell)

ISBN-10: 1607188600

ISBN-13: 978-1607188605

“Harvey tells a gentle tale of an orphaned Steller sea lion pup whose early imprinting on his human nurturers at the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, CA, leaves him determinedly reluctant to live in the wild on any terms.  Bersani’s nearly photographic illustrations keep perfect time with the simple text, showing the pup returning to the center each time he is released.” School Library Journal


“This is a great book for children of all ages. It can be used to teach about marine mammals and the care that is provided when they are unable to return to their natural environment. Along with the engaging story of Astro, the illustrations are amazing and incredibly realistic.”

"The one word I would use to describe this book is cool!" Know: Science Magazine for Curious Kids

"The mixed-media illustrations by Bersani … match the tone of the story well, adding depth and sentiment to Harvey’s words…Children will be fascinated by Astro’s touching story and the back matter makes it a great choice for homeschoolers or the classroom."  Children's Book Review