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A Book, Too Can Be A Star

The Story of Madeleine L'Engle and

the Making of A Wrinkle in Time



Farrar Straus Giroux

(pub. 10.4.2022) 40 pages

Authors: Charlotte Jones Voiklis

& Jennifer Adams

Illustrator: Adelina Lirius

Characters: Madeleine L'Engle


" When Madeleine L'Engle was very small, she often found herself awake at night, marveling at the stars. They guided her throughout her life, making her feel part of a big and exciting world, even when she felt alone. They made her want to ask big questions―Why are we here? What is my place in the universe?―and let her imagination take flight. Books, too, were like stars―asking questions and proposing answers. Books kept Madeleine company, and soon, she began to write and share her own. But would other people see the wonder she found in the world?"

Tantalizing taste:

" In a place called the Painted Desert, with its strange shapes and colors and its big skies scattered with stars, Madeleine had an idea for a new kind of book. It was inspired by sonnets and science and her sense of belonging when she looked at the night sky and listened to the stars sing. She began to write, and by the time the family arrived in New York City, she had finished this new book.

At first, publishers rejected it. They said it would be too hard for children to understand and that no grown-up wanted to read a book where children are the heroes.

But they were wrong.

Children and grown-ups loved the book, A Wrinkle in Time."

And something more: I loved learning about this book's connection to the wonderful children's bookstore, Once Upon A Time. I had the pleasure to be hosted by the bookstore for an event during my book signing tour for DRESSING UP THE STARS - The Story of Costume Designer Edith Head last Fall. I so enjoyed meeting the dedicated and delightful owner, Maureen Palacios, and booksellers.

"Once Upon a Time, or How This Book Came To Be" explains that Charlotte Jones Voiklis (granddaughter of Madeleine L'Engle) and her sister, Lena Roy, first wrote a middle grade book, Becoming Madeleine. But Charlotte always wanted to write a picture book about Madeleine also. Charlotte visited Once Upon A Time in Glendale, California, on their book signing tour. She admired signed copies of Jennifer Adam's BabyLit series "for their elegance and simplicity, and she was struck by the thought that perhaps Jennifer... would be the perfect writer to help her with a picture book of her grandmother. She told the owner, Maureen Palacios, of her idea."

Fastforward... Jennifer visited Once Upon a time and admired the new Becoming Madeleine. Maureen told Jennifer about her conversation with Charlotte. And that was the beginning of this book! Serendipity! Yet another reason to love Once Upon A Time and all our indie bookstores where magic happens.


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