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Day #6 of Virtual Book Tour for ABLAZE WITH COLOR

"This is exactly what I'm looking for this year! Real women who impacted the world.

"Alma Thomas is a Black artist who broke racist and sexist boundaries during the Jim Crow era and now has her work hung in the White House. Ablaze with Color is a short biography, highlighting events that will appeal to young readers: her school experience, her move to a new home, her choices to follow her artistic passion, her museum shows, and her posthumous honor by former First Lady Michelle Obama. "The flowing narrative sweeps children along, beckoning them into Alma's world. By always referring to Thomas by her first name, author Harvey invites readers to connect with Thomas rather than merely learn about her. Harvey does not shy away from difficult truths, but tackles them matter-of-factly, making space for readers to acknowledge the past and understand Alma's role in changing the course of history.

"Back matter includes a timeline and photographs. When we read illustrated biographies T is always interested to see photographs of the "real people." The inclusion of photographs of Thomas and her work cements in readers' minds the pivotal role Thomas played: here is photographic evidence - she's not just some lady drawn in a book.

"That said, the illustrations capture the audience's eye and evoke Thomas's own style. Taken together, the text, illustrations, and photographs create a relatable and admirable Alma Thomas whom readers will be delighted to get to know. "I recommend Ablaze with Color."


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