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How to Hear the Universe

Gaby Gonzalez and the Search

for Einstein's Ripples

in Space-Time



Alfred A. Knopf

(pub 3.8.22) 40 pages

Author: Patricia Valdez

Illustrator: Sara Palacios

Character: Gabriela Gonzalez


"In 1916, Albert Einstein had a theory. He thought that somewhere out in the universe, there were collisions in space. These collisions could cause little sound waves in the fabric of space-time that might carry many secrets of the distant universe. But it was only a theory. He could not prove it in his lifetime.

Many years later, an immigrant scientist named Gabriela Gonzalez asked the same questions. Armed with modern technology, she joined a team of physicists who set out to prove Einstein's theory. At first, there was nothing. But then... they heard a sound. Gabriela and her team examined, and measured, and re-measured until they were sure."

Tantalizing taste:

" About 50 years later,

on a warm night in Argentina,

beneath the moon, the stars, and the sky,

a young girl named Gaby Gonzalez looked up.

She, two, wondered what secrets lay beyond the stars."

And something more: Patricia Valdez, in the Author's Note, wrote that "I watched the livestream of the LIGO news conference on February 11, 2016, anticipating the announcement of the discovery of gravitational waves. My excitement doubled when Gabby Gonzalez stepped up to the podium to speak. I was truly inspired to see a Latina scientist announcing this monumental discovery. Since that day, Gabby has been one of my role models. I hope she inspires others as well."


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