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I was thrilled to be invited to be interviewed about our upcoming book, ABLAZE WITH COLOR - The Story of Painter Alma Thomas (Harper Collins 2/22/22) over the phone by and also asked to submit a blog post. I chose to write about my experiences teaching a picture book unit to 7th graders.

"I hope stories of creative people such as Alma Thomas will touch children and inspire everyone and each person to seek their own joy on their own creative paths. I believe absolutely everyone is so creative, and we can find joy and enrich our lives through art."

"I researched this story by reading absolutely every book, every gallery exhibit catalog, that I could find.And what was also really wonderful is Alma Thomas was interviewed many times in newspapers and magazines.I always like to find the actual words of the person I'm writing about because this is a true story. This is a biography, and no one tells their story better than themselves."


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