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She Sang for the Mountains

The Story of Singer, Songwriter, Activist Jean Ritchie A TRUE TALE WITH


Reycraft Books

(pub.8.17.2021) 32 pages

Author: Shannon Hitchcock

Illustrator: Sophie Page

Character: Jean Ritchie

Overview: "This lyrical picture book biography of songwriter and activist Jean Ritchie-Singer traces her life from the Cumberland Mountains of Kentucky to New York City and beyond as her protest songs inspired a nation " Tantalizing taste:

"Jean grew up like a sapling, and life in the Cumberland Mountains began to change.

Rumbling cars replaced rambling walks.

The roar of radios replaced the strum of strings.

A heavy feeling hung over the hills.

Jean wished she could turn back time.

Her brothers and sisters left home one by one.

Finally, it was Jean's turn to go...

Jean's singing inspired other people to raise their voices, too.

Activists solemnly sang 'The Cool of the Day' at their protest rallies.

Jean sang it to throngs of people at the Concert for the Mountains

in New York City."

And something more: Publishers Weekly provides a review of SHE SANG FOR THE MOUNTAINS: "Introduced to folk singers cum protestors—sketched portraits bear the names of Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Carl Sandburg, and Doc Watson—by a Library of Congress song collector, Ritchie takes up protest songwriting to oppose coal mining. Hitchcock uses gently melodious, alliterative prose... Earthy, dimensional collage art by Page underlines the story’s themes with its organic, handmade feel. A hearty portrait of the 'Mother of Folk,' emphasizing the belief that music can create change."


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