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Tiny Jumper

How Tiny Broadwick Created

The Parachute Rip Cord



little bee books

(pub.10.10.2023) 40 pages

Ages 4-8

Author: Candy Dahl

Illustrator: Maithili Joshi

Character: Tiny Broadwick


" Tiny Broadwick, a teeny, uneducated mill girl, had big dreams of soaring above the earth, out of poverty, and above expectations. She became the first woman to parachute from an airplane, and her idea for the rip cord paved the way for pilots to safely escape in-flight emergencies.

This thrilling biography shows how Tiny's determination, courage, adventurousness, and joy lifted her up to stand tall as a pioneer in flight."

Tantalizing taste:

"Tiny performed heart-stopping, triple parachute jumps.

She jumped at night with fiery flares.

She risked drowning when she landed in water.

Oftentimes, the wind blew her parachute off target.

Tiny landed in strange and dangerous places:

Trains, windmills, roofs, trees.

She broke her arms, shoulders, ankles, and feet.

But Tiny refused to stop doing what she loved best -

rising up into the sky."

And something more: Candy Dahl in the Author's Note explains: "For decades, the accomplishments of a young woman in an aviation world heavily dominated by men disappeared into obscurity... Her life took a sudden turn when she met Jim and Maxine Hix, a copule who were involved in aviation ... soon Tiny was back in the aviation world where she belonged. In 1953, Tiny received the United States Government Pioneer Aviation Award on the fiftieth anniversary of the Wright brothers' first flight."


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