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Words & Water

The Story of Wilma Dykeman

Writer, Historian, Environmentali



Reycraft Books

(pub. 4.16.2024)

32 pages

Ages 7 -12

Author: Shannon Hitchcock

   Illustrator: Sophie Page

Character: Wilma Dykeman


" Wilma Dykeman dedicated her life to imparting the invaluable lesson that water is the irreplaceable gift of life. Uncover the environmental insights she shared, leaving a lasting impact on generations to come. Follow Wilma's transformative relationship with a local river, where her deep love for the water sparks a mission to safeguard its vitality. Discover how her advocacy became a beacon of hope for both the river and the livelihoods that depended on its flowing currents."

Tantalizing taste:

"A New York publisher agreed to buy the book, but only if Wilma ignored the poison being dumped in the river. The girl who had splashed in the pond, waded in the creek, and who cherished the river refused to back down.

Wilma wanted to shine a bright light on water pollution.

She hoped to inspire: people, towns, businesses, everyone to help clean up the river."

And something more: The author, Shannon Hitchcock, shared in the Author's Note: "Wilma grew up as an only child surrounded by mountains. She credited her father for her love of nature and traced her love of language to the stories her parents read aloud to her. By the time she attended elementary school, Wilma was writing her own poems, plays, and stories."


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