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The Autobiography of

Mrs. Coretta Scott King



Godwin Books

(Henry Holt and Company


40 pages

Ages 4-8

Author: Coretta Scott King

with the Reverend Dr. Barbara Reynolds


Illustrator: Ekua Holmes

Character: Coretta Scott King


"This is the autobiography of Coretta Scott King––wife of Martin Luther King, Jr.; founder of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change (the King Center); architect of the MLK, Jr. legacy; and global leader in movements for civil and human rights as well as peace. Learn about how a girl born in the segregated deep south became a global leader at the forefront of the peace movement and an unforgettable champion of social change.

Resilience, bravery, and joy lie at the center of this timeless story about fighting for justice against all odds."

Tantalizing taste:

"I would finish what Martin and the movement started. I decided to continue with the march in Memphis.

[There,] I spoke without notes, from the heart. I challenged the crowds to 'see that Martin's spirit never dies, and that we will go forward from this experience.'"

And something more: The book ends with these words by Coretta Scott King: "I want people to know that I was committed to leaving an eternal flame, built on love, that would never be extinguished. Love is not a program, not a political party, not a race. It is a promise with a power all its own. The contributions of Martin and me, and of those behind and before us, are the greatest witnesses I can imagine to the power of love in action.

The Dream is a work that is very much in progress. I am counting on the next generation."


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