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Sisters in Science

Marie Curie, Bronia Dluska,

and the Atomic Power of Sisterhood



Knopf Books for Young Readers

(pub. 2.14.2023) 40 pages

Author: Linda Elovitz Marshall

Illustrator: Anna and Elena Balbusso

Characters: Marie Curie and Bronia Dluska


" Marie Curie has long been a well-known name around the world. Though Marie made extraordinary scientific advances discovering new elements with her husband, Pierre, many students do not know about the powerful bond that propelled her into science: her sisterhood with Bronia! A force in academia and health care herself, Bronia made significant contributions to the scientific world, along with her loving support of sister Marie.

Sisters in Science is a compelling biography of two sisters who created their own paths while keeping the atomic bonds of sisterhood strong."

Tantalizing taste:

" Finally, peace returned.

At last, the sisters were reunited.

In Paris, Marie established the Radium Institute - now called the Curie Institute - for research and medical training, and for treating people with cancer.

In Warsaw, her hometown, she set up a second Radium Institute - this one, with Bronia in charge. All their lives, Marie and Bronia helped each other.

And something more: On A Personal Note, Linda Elovitz Marshall explains: "In a way, it is because of Marie Curie that I began writing for children. I was in graduate school, working toward my PhD in anthropology, when an X-ray revealed a cancer. I left my PhD program and, after successful treatment, some of which was based on Marie Curie's long-ago research, returned to a deeper and earlier love - the education of young children- and then started writing for children.

Mine and countless other lives have been improved by Marie Curie. Dr. Curie's discoveries provided the basis for much of our understanding of radioactivity and radiation."


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