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Ida B. Wells Marches for the Vote



Christy Ottaviano Books

(Little, Brown and Company)


48 pages

Ages 5 - 9

Author: Dinah Johnson

   Illustrator: Jerry Jordan

Character: Ida B. Wells


" Ida B. Wells grew up during a time when women did not have the right to vote. But Ida aspired for equality; she had learned from her parents to forge a life through hope and bravery, so she worked tirelessly to fight for an America that was fair to everyone regardless of race and gender. Her courageous activism made her one of the most influential civil rights leaders in American history. Here is Ida’s story with a specific spotlight on her fearless role in the Women’s March of 1913."

Tantalizing taste:

"Ever since she was a young woman, Ida had always done the right thing. The right thing now was not to follow the wishes of these white women who didn't care if she and other Black women got the vote.

The right thing now was for Ida to follow her heart and mind. She worked her way through the crowds of people along the path of the parade."

And something more: In A Note From The Author, Dinah Johnson explains that Ida B. Wells' "many invaluable contributions to society were celebrated in 1990 when the US Postal Service issued the Ida B. Wells commemorative stamp. More than a century after the Women's March of 1913, her story is as important and inspiring as ever."


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